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How to Clean Your Eyeglasses the Right Way

cleaning glasses with microfiber

Admit it, you’ve done this already, exhaling onto your lenses and then wiping them off with your shirt. But does this damage your eyeglass lenses? Absolutely, especially if they are made of plastic.

So What’s the Solution? There are numerous products available on the market with which you can safely wipe lenses, but the best one may surprise you – dish soap. The best way to clean your glasses is to let warm water run over them and drop just a dab of the detergent on the lenses to create lather. Then it’s simply a matter of rinsing with some more warm water and drying them with a soft cotton cloth (and definitely not your shirt).

Glass or Plastic? Most Americans today buy plastic lenses when they get a new pair of glasses. However, plastic is not as durable and can scratch more easily, so cleaning dry glasses is really not a good idea. Instead, when cleaning glasses, especially plastic ones, it is necessary to make them wet. Wet surface are smoother than dry surfaces and will allow you to clean your eyeglasses better. Of course, there are microfiber cloths that are designed for dry cleaning during the day, but these are only a temporary solution. At the end of the day, your glasses will still need a good cleaning with detergent and water.

What’s Even Worse than Dry Cleaning? Cleaning your eyeglasses with bleach, window cleaner, vinegar or ammonia is even worse for your glasses than dry cleaning. These substances can damage or even destroy the protective covering on your lenses. Besides this, you should also be aware that lenses can be made less effective over the course of the day if, for instance, you leave them for long where dust, deodorant or other types of particles can reach them.

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