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How Eyeglasses Can Help Improve Your Sports Performance

Remember when you were a kid and you and your friends were picking guys for a basketball or football team. Who was the last guy chosen? Most of the time, it would be the kid with the glasses. Why? Because kids with glasses can’t be good in sports, can they? Well, that’s where you’re wrong and it’s time to bust that myth. Many professional athletes today wear glasses and not only does their performance not suffer because of it, they’re even better because of them, Of course, these aren’t just any old reading spectacles since these would only deter the wearer as he tries to run past his guards to score a touchdown or grab a rebound. Instead, sports glasses are specially designed to provide the following: Enhance the vision for that extra “edge” and an improved performance on the field. Keep the eyes safe. Fit securely and comfortable.

In fact, several studies, most notably the one performed in 2003 by Geraint Griffiths, have shown that sports eyewear often has a positive impact on the athlete’s performance. Griffiths and his team, in particular, studied the effects of blurred vision on tennis players. For this, they used special goggles that slightly blurred the player’s vision. As a result, the players returned 62% more balls off-target and had 47% less “good” balls. Of course, it’s not just tennis players that can benefit from wearing sports eyewear. Other athletes can also improve their performance this way. For example, basketball players can hit 3 pointers with much more ease if they wear wraparound goggles, just like soccer players get a better field vision themselves. Swimmers and divers also need their own swim goggles and diving masks, lest they get water into their eyes.

However, keep in mind that not all sports benefit from eyewear. Boxers, MMA fighters and kick-boxers shouldn’t wear goggles or glasses due to the impacts they receive when they get into the ring, but they should make it a habit to regularly check their eyes.

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