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5 Myths About Buying Glasses from Your Local Optometrist

eyeglasses in st louis moSee Why It’s Better to Buy Glasses from Our St. Louis Store!

Online shopping is a contemporary convenience, and there are numerous sites to purchase eyeglasses. Yet, is it the smartest way for you to buy glasses? While it may be easy to shop for eyewear in your pj’s, there are definite advantages to buying glasses from our St.Louis optician.

Many myths float around about buying frames and lenses from your local optometrist. Let’s take a look at what makes each of these statements a myth – and not a true statement.

  1.    MYTH:  There’s No Reason to Ask an Optician for Help When Choosing Frames

Your vision prescription is unique, and not all frames and lenses support all vision prescriptions. Depending upon your needs, such as bifocals, multifocals, astigmatism, and high myopia, certain styles and shapes of frames will help you achieve sharper vision. The thickness of your lenses and the most suitable lens coatings for your lifestyle must also be considered.

Additionally, you want your glasses to look amazing! When you buy online, who will stand by your side to tell you the best shapes, materials, and colors to flatter your look? When you buy glasses from our St. Louis optical center, we will make sure you buy glasses that enhance your appearance.

Do you really want to make these decisions on your own? Our St. Louis optician is experienced and knowledgeable about which frames and lenses will work best for your vision requirements, appearance, and daily activities. We stock a wide variety of frames and offer many lens coatings in our St. Louis collection – and our optician will guide you towards the ideal eyewear.

  1.    MYTH:  You Don’t Need to Try Glasses On

To put it simply- temples and nose pads need to meet your face at the right angle or they’ll hurt. Or if they are too wide, your glasses will constantly slip down your nose. The type of nose pads and temples varies, and you can’t know what feels comfortable unless you try them on. In addition, you need an accurate Pupillary Distance (PD) measurement to order lenses in the right size. Our optician will make sure that your glasses fit your face and eyes precisely – so when you walk out of our St. Louis store, you’ll enjoy wearing your comfy new eyewear!

  1.    MYTH:  Shopping Online Always Saves You Money

Optometrists and opticians develop a relationship with eyeglass manufacturers that enable special promotions and savings. When you buy glasses from our local store, we will offer rebates and discounts on name-brands, which are unavailable from online sites. Therefore, even if the initial price appears higher on some of the frames in our St. Louis glasses collection, your final cost will often be significantly less. Also, not all online glasses sites accept insurance. We accept virtually all medical and vision insurance plans.

  1.    MYTH:  There’s No Difference in Quality

Many online retailers make their profit by stocking the cheapest Made-in-China frames, and they only offer basic lens types. In contrast, we only stock premium, designer frames that are constructed with durable materials and precise engineering. Our optician will also help you choose the most suitable lenses and lens coatings for your lifestyle, including transition lenses, polarized, ultra-thin, and scratch-resistant. People can be very rough on their eyewear, and we want your St. Louis glasses and lenses to last as long as possible!

  1.    MYTH: Your Vision Prescription Doesn’t Matter

Some vision conditions are more challenging to correct than other vision conditions. If you have a very high prescription, astigmatism, or a complex condition, you need an expert to craft your lenses from high quality materials. Otherwise, you risk wearing glasses that distort the way you see the world!eyeglasses in st louis mo

Many studies report that over 50% of glasses bought online were fit with incorrectly crafted lenses that didn’t match the vision prescription. This leads directly to headaches and/or blurry vision.

In contrast to online glasses stores, our Overland Optical Family Eye Care opticians, in St. Louis, take a personal, caring interest in how you look and how you see! Online retailers aim to sell you glasses, and we aim to satisfy your needs and make sure you are 100% pleased with your purchase. We will accompany you through every stage of the purchase process - and we are much friendlier than your computer!

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