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5 Tips You Need Before Purchasing Your Child’s New Pair of Glasses

Cute smiling boy with glassesAt some point we all need to realize that our prescription has changed I would need a new pair of glasses, and the same thing goes for our kids. However,  investing in the cheapest pair online isn't always the best solution, especially when you consider the following:

Tip #1 - Metal Frames or Plastic

Unless you're part of an amazing vision insurance plan, you're going to want to find a pair of glasses that doesn't make your kid look awkward in school yet will last through the year if not more. Depending on how your child takes care of his or her glasses, a metal frame can often ensure greater durability and the thinner design often looks fine on children. While metal provides durability, some children just love plastic frames for their lighter, smoother feel and appeal. Plastic frames also provide glasses with a nicer fit for larger lenses.

Tip #2 - The Right Lens-Frame Fit

Many children look for fun, colorful, loud designs, but always remember that the lens comes first. Finding the right combination is will ensure your child gets the frame they want, and their vision won't suffer from a poorly crafted or cheap pair of glasses. At Overland Optical Family Eye Care, our edging lab is capable of fitting nearly any lens to the desired frame so that your child can get what they want with the exact fit needed.

Tip #3 - Second Pairs are Preferred

Whenever you consider a new pair of glasses for your child, a backup pair is recommended. Don't end up stuck with an episode at school that requires an emergency visit to the optometrist just for a new pair. Plus, a second pair can make your child feel more fashionable and confident since they can change up their style.

Tip #4 - Lenses, Lenses, Lenses!

Aside from the frame, the lens material is also essential to keep your child's vision clear. Investing in a polycarbonate lens, for example, or Trivex allows for more resistance to scratches and when combined with anti-reflective coating, can provide UV ray protection. Remember, most UV damage happens in our youth because children's eyes are more sensitive to light.

As there are so many variations in lenses, it's important that you speak to one of our opticians to see what's available and what would fit best for your child.

Tip #5 - Comfort!

Our last tip is the comfort of your child’s new pair glasses. Be prepared to spend the extra few minutes making sure your child likes the nose pads or bridge fit on his or her nose and how the frame rests on their ears. Even after they found the friend that they were looking for getting the right measurements can really make a difference especially if the child like to play sports and doesn't want to  to deal with their glasses sliding down.

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