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3 Tips for Clear Lenses & Comfortable Contacts for the Fall

Girl Dark Eyes Coat 1280x480The fall season has just started, and while some enjoy the various shades of leaves, others are dealing with the new season's environments. Contact lenses mixed with the fresh pollens & dryness in the air lead to irritation, burning sensations, or redness. Stronger winds could lead to dust collecting on one's glasses or the need to hold them in place might lead to more smudges and fingerprints.

Here are 3 helpful tips to avoid the tricky parts of the fall weather and enjoy your eyewear.

Number One: Get Hydrated!

One way that glasses get smudged is when the eyes are irritated, the next instinctive decision is to move your glasses and rub your eyes. Not only is rubbing your eyes not the best thing health-wise, any irritation around the eyes is likely due to dryness a lack of moisture. Dehydration, a common cause for dry eyes, isn't just because of hot summer days, but also due to the windy weather of fall. The outdoors can literally drain away your body’s moisture and leave your eyes and your skin irritated.

Therefore, try to set up humidifiers in your home or work space to prevent fight the arid environment. Even moisturizers or sunscreen can prevent irritation. While you can always use eye drops, visiting your optometrist can ensure you get quality eye drops or even artificial tears to nearly solve the dryness altogether. Stop an irritation in its tracks so you won't have to keep moving your glasses around, and your lenses will stay clear from dust and fingerprints.

Number Two: Skip Contacts or Upgrade

If you're the kind of person who's struggling with their contact lenses in the fall weather, either you might be better off wearing eyeglasses and use your contact lenses for the indoors (or at least until spring), or you can invest in a pair of polarized sunglasses. An ideal way to upgrade your wardrobe and not sacrifice your contact lens lifestyle. Plus, UV protection often prevents damage from the sun. Also, the reflective or polarized shades can block out dryness from wind & sunlight keeping your contacts comfortable & irritation free.

Alternatively, daily contacts are also a fantastic way to keep your eyes moist and seeing clearly. Contacts that require more maintenance might suffer from the fall's weather, but with dailies, you put on a fresh new pair every day and simply remove the old ones at night. This constant replacement will ensure that you have the utmost comfort, and even if the weather irritates your eyes, you're not having to ditch one of your 2-week or monthly contacts - it's just one of your dailies. Daily contact lenses often are a healthier eyewear in general since they last a full day without any noticeable loss of quality, and the maintenance-free aspect makes it easy to remove & toss them away. A problem with wearing contacts with longer schedules is that people tend to abuse their lifespan & cause extra wear & tear.

Number 3: Larger Lenses & Frames

There are frames and unique lens designs that utilize a large shape to cover more of the face. In case you wear a classy, style frame that's small in shape or rectangular, this might allow dust to creep in and cause irritation. Smaller frames might have that desired look, but any small adjustments can leave fingerprints on the lenses or, at the very least, a constant need to clean them. Larger frames with larger lenses often don’t require a cleaning when adjusted carefully, and even if there's a smudge, cleaning is faster. As long as the central part of the lens is clean, then the small fingerprints on the outer rim aren’t noticeable or matter as much.

For more information about what eyewear suits your needs with one of our opticians at Overland Optical Family Eye Care

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