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This Holiday Season, Top 5 Reasons to Visit the Optometrist

This holiday season when you're out and about, shopping for the holiday season, enjoying the excitement of visiting family, and sharing meaningful moments as the year comes to a close, don't forget to visit your local optometrist for your annual, comprehensive eye exam.

We’ve compiled the top 5, most compelling reasons why you should visit your optometrist now and not wait for 2018.

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#1 - Dress to Impress

While most of us don't need to impress our family with anything special, everybody appreciates a well-dressed and trimmed look. Whether you’re booked with social parties, planning a few get-togethers, or anticipating an amazing new year’s party, consider updating your wardrobe early with a new pair of designer glasses. Even updating your annual supply of contact lenses now will let you start the holiday season well prepared. Have one of your yearly to-do’s checked off early from your list. Plus, you'll enjoy the season knowing your fashionable with the best vision possible. Don’t forget, confidence plays an important factor in making an impression!

hands holding people#2 - Fulfill a New Year's Resolution before New Year's

Quite a few of us take on a new year’s resolution to improve our health, such as dieting and exercise, improving our social skills, learning a new skill or hobby, or simply deciding to get that overdue checkup from your family’s physician or eye doctor. But, why wait? A New Year's resolution is only meant to reaffirm what's important in life. And your vision is certainly important. We advise that you schedule an appointment today and enter the new year with one of your New Year Resolutions already resolved.

#3 - Give a gift that gives all year

Sometimes finding a particgirl opening giftular gift for a friend or family member is a little harder than it seems. Remember that sweater you bought your best friend last year? Not worn very often. How about that new, smartphone that you bought Dad, but ended a little too complicated for him? Mom, as much as she appreciated the thought, she had a hard time fitting another recipe book on her bookshelf. This year, make a safe choice with a gift certificate for a new pair of eyewear. Everybody wants to see clearly and look their best. Especially when you're over 40 and investing in progressive lenses or a separate pair of reading glasses is more of a luxury. Imagine that this year, not only did you get them a pair of glasses that they always wanted, but they got something that's unique, makes them feel stylish and trendy, and helps them see! Remember, a sweater is worn but a few times each year, but glasses are worn nearly all the time.

#4 - We have to mention FSA'ssunglasses holiday

If you got a flex spending account, needless to say, the clock's ticking.  We always try to tell people to schedule their appointments early in November, so if you're reading this article, you probably should be calling now.

#5 - Healthy Eyesight

christmas brown paper packageNothing speaks louder about appreciating what you have, then when you finally hear the doctor say you're in good health. So this year, why not hear from your optometrist the rundown of your eye health?  there are so many eye conditions that can develop, such as diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, cataracts, glaucoma, dry eye syndrome, and even eye allergies. All of these conditions could either be treated, prevented, or managed at some level to give you greater comfort and your overall health. Instead of writing I wish list about seeing better, take a more active step and schedule your annual eye exam today.

You may start to see that your vision is one gift that just keeps on giving.

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