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Your Flex Spending Account Can Cover Vision Expenses

flexible spending dollars

If you have a Flex Spending Account (FSA), money from each paycheck is deposited automatically into a dedicated account. You can apply the money in this account towards health expenses that are not covered by your insurance plan. When you open the account, you determine the amount of money in advance.

One of the most exciting parts of this plan is that your FSA isn’t taxed, so the amount has more purchasing power. That means you have more dollars to put towards your vision and eye care expenses in St. Louis and St. Charles, MO.

However, there is one very important detail that you must remember about your FSA. It typically expires at the end of each year! If you don’t spend your FSA during the year, it disappears with the turn of the calendar page to a new year. (Some plans do offer a “grace period”, which allows you to utilize your FSA dollars until March 15th.) Don’t wait until the last second to take advantage of this flexible account.

See the Benefits of Your FSA Card

Every FSA plan is different, so you need to read through yours closely before you start buying glasses, sunglasses and contact lenses for your whole family. If you need help understanding your specific benefits, our St. Louis and St. Charles staff will be pleased to provide assistance.

Generally, an FSA will pay for the following eye care costs:

  • Routine eye exam: regular evaluations of your vision and eye health are critical for lasting, quality eyesight.
  • Prescription glasses and sunglasses: now is the time to make sure your vision prescription is current, as well as update your look with a new pair of designer frames. To protect your eyes from blue light and digital eyestrain, consider purchasing a pair of computer glasses with your FSA funds. Reading glasses are also covered.
  • Contact Lenses: why not buy a supply of contact lenses ahead of time for the upcoming year? Most sealed packages of daily and extended wear contacts have a shelf-life of up to four years.
  • Contact lens products: cleansers and disinfectants can become costly over the year; these products are a perfect way to make the most of a few extra dollars in your FSA
  • Co-payments and deductibles: use FSA dollars to offset deductibles and co-pays for many eye care services

Where to Begin Spending Your Flex Dollars?

Your starting point for spending FSA dollars is to visit our St. Louis and St. Charles eye doctors for an eye exam. That way, you’ll know if you require vision correction, treatment, glasses or contact lenses. Everyone’s schedule gets busy through the holiday season and near the end of the year, so we advise you to book your appointment earlier in the year.

Do you have FSA dollars left? Visit Overland Family Optical Eye Care in St. Louis and St. Charles, MO, to put these funds to good use for your eyes.

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