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5 Hot Reasons To Wear Sunglasses At Summer Camp

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Keep Kids’ Vision Young & Healthy!

As children in St. Louis and St. Charles get ready for the summer, shopping and checking off items on the packing list for camp is an essential part of the preparation. As you toss in the bathing suits, shorts, tees, towels, and toiletries – we remind you to include at least one pair of sunglasses in your kid’s camp supplies! Take a close look at five reasons why sunglasses are a must for summer camp:

1.Damage From UV Rays Is Cumulative

Children’s eyes are the most vulnerable to harmful UV sun rays and kids spend the most time outdoors. In fact, studies report that 25% of lifetime exposure to ultraviolet rays occurs before age 18!  The hazardous effects are cumulative and damage won’t show up later in life.

Therefore, younger a person is – the more time there is for the dangers from ultraviolet rays to build up. Sight-threatening conditions that typically develop after age 40, such as macular degeneration and cataracts, have been linked to exposure to the sun’s rays.

2.Water Sports Intensify The Sun’s Rays

Campers spend a lot of time near water, and sunlight bounces off the surface of a swimming pool or lake. Not only do these UV rays shine directly into children’s eyes, but they are also intensified by the reflective surfaces of water. A quality pair of sunglasses will block and diminish the power of reflected sunlight as your child glides across the sparkling waters.

3.Sunglasses Protect Against Exfoliation Syndrome

Exfoliation syndrome describes the production of miniature dandruff-like flakes inside eyes. As they accumulate, these flakes can clog the drainage system of the eye, which can lead to other ocular problems. For example, exfoliation syndrome is an identifiable cause of glaucoma later in life.

4.Sharper Vision For Outdoor Sports

What offers children a better view of the playing field: squinting into the sun in order to see the other goal or opposing players, or gazing through a pair of wraparound sport sunglasses that don’t let the harsh UV rays get in the way of a clear shot?

There’s no need for our St. Louis and St. Charles eye doctors to say more; the point (or score) is already made. Sunglasses are a great way to get an upper edge on sports performance.

5.Sunscreen For The Eyes And Eyelids

Everyone is used to slathering on sunscreen to protect against skin cancer. However, when applying sunscreen to the face, people are generally careful to avoid the eyes, eyelids, and surrounding tissues. To protect these areas of your kid’s face against eyelid cancer, sunglasses are the solution.

Now that our eye care specialists in St. Louis and St. Charles have convinced you of the need to pack sunglasses in your kid’s camping gear, we’d like to share a few tips on how to choose the best pair for sun safety:

Selecting Sunglasses For Kids

  • Don’t judge sunglasses by the price; instead, pay attention to the percentage of UV blockage. You want to purchase sunglasses with 99% to 100% protection against both UVA and UVB rays.
  • Polarized lenses are another good option, because they will reduce glare from water.
  • To maximize protection, wrap-around designs and wider lenses provide more shelter from UV sun rays, simply because they cover eyes and surrounding skin from more directions.
  • As for style, children have to feel that their sunglasses express the right image, or they won’t wear them.

To select the perfect pair of sunglasses for summer camp, look through our cool and comfortable optical collection for children at Overland Optical, located in St. Louis and St. Charles, MO.

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