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Overland Optical Designer Brands

Designer Eyeglasses at Overland Optical

Tom Ford

Tom Ford 250x300A pair of Tom Ford glasses smoothly states your value and high rank in the world of style. Tom Ford is one of the most popular designer brands that Overland Optical Family Eye Care brings to Overland and St. Charles, Missouri. Along with giving you trending fashion features, Tom Ford eyewear grants supreme confidence as you present yourself professionally and socially.

Slip on a pair of daring, yet comfortable Tom Ford glasses and join celebrities such as Madonna, Halle Berry, Andy Samberg, Brad Pitt, and the entertainment industry’s icon of bold innovation, James Bond.

When Tom Ford launched his eyewear line in 2006, he operated out of a brick and mortar retail boutique in New York. Since then, his signature optical collection broke free of these walls and is available around the globe. We are passionate about keeping Overland and St. Charles in sexy style with the hottest Tom Ford eyewear. What’s so special about these exclusive eyeglasses?

  • Limitless designs:  Tom Ford’s rebellious and inventive design sense is never confined to any boundaries. He constantly explodes the global eyeglasses market with untamed luxury to empower every wearer. Choose from bulky and attention-grabbing frames to streamlined and sophisticated – in a range of sleek, modern color tones.
  • Perfect craftsmanship:  nothing tops Tom Ford’s extravagant style other than the exceptional quality of his products. Glasses are made from the highest grade materials polished to an exquisite finish and constructed to last through every challenge dealt by daily living. You’ll benefit from durable acetate frames, resilient polycarbonate lenses, gleaming non-smudge metallic finishes, and pristine detailing.
  • Devil is in the detail:  every pair of glasses from this designer brand has Tom Ford’s name etched crisply into the edge of the left lens. Also, the Tom Ford label is molded on a metallic plate bonded seamlessly to the tip of the left temple.

Check out our fantastic selection of Tom Ford glasses at Overland Optical Family Eye Care.

Dragon Eyewear

dragon 250x300Dragon eyeglasses are much more than frames by one of the world’s leading designer brands, they are a frame of mind – as the company asserts. By putting on a pair of Dragon eyeglasses, you are embarking on an extreme endeavor, journeying to new heights of style and performance. Whether you’re looking for adventure in Overland and St. Charles, Missouri, or you plan to escape to exotic destinations, we offer a fabulous array of Dragon glasses at Overland Optical Family Eye Care.

Dragon is recognized the world over as a leading designer brand for the active lifestyle of today’s youth and athletic market. Beginning humbly in his garage in California, founder Will Howard launched a mission to build a company that encompassed his passion for snowboarding, surfing, and riding dirt bikes. Sunglasses were the very first Dragon product to make an appearance, and they still top out the sales chart. Snow goggles soon followed, and celebrated snowboarders such as Chris Roach and Jamie Lynn quickly sported Dragon eyewear, along with Shane Dorian – first surf team rider.

One of Dragon’s most famed and respected products is the NFX, the pioneer in frameless goggles that revolutionized the snow market. By constantly listening to the riders who wear their eyewear, Dragon is always revising and enhancing their designs – going beyond all boundaries to create wholly unique products.

With Dragon eyewear, your journey never ends. Get started by checking out our diverse array of Dragon designer brand glasses in Overland and St. Charles, Missouri.

Kate Spade Glasses

kate spade 250x300bKate Spade treated the fashion world to an upgrade when she launched her designer brand in 1993. This fashion powerhouse is now a synonym for optimistic femininity, modern polish, and cheerful sophistication. Kate Spade began by sketching accessories founded on the principles of innovative style and dependable function, with a heaping spoonful of fun mixed in. Kate Spade eyewear echoes visions of the 60s, popping with playful creativity and glamorous sophistication.

The business grew by leaps and bounds out of her modest apartment space, and Kate Spade New York now has over 80 retail boutiques and outlet stores across the United States. There are also more than 100 international shops. We are privileged, proud, and tickled pink to distribute this feminine designer brand in Overland and St. Charles, Missouri!

At Overland Optical Family Eye Care, we bring you an out-of-sight collection of Kate Spade frames, featuring pretty colors, jazzy shapes, and exquisite engineering to last.

Guess Eyewear

Guess 250x300Guess Eyewear is more than a mere accessory, it is an emblem that tells the tale of a wildly successful designer brand that grew strong on Italian design principles and exquisite craftsmanship. Established by the Marciano brothers in 1981, Guess shares the journey of young entrepreneurs who pursued the American dream. As they released their innovations onto the runways, Guess became a sparkling symbol of a star-studded, sexy, and adventurous lifestyle.

Guess eyeglasses and sunglasses give every wearer a contemporary and evocative look, with bold silhouettes and unique combinations of materials. Reflective mirrored shades and aviator designs for men and women partner with splashy colors to turn heads in every season and every city, including in our favorite neighborhoods of Overland and St. Charles, Missouri. Kids and tweens will find their expression with affordable Guess glasses too.

Looking to exude confidence and turn heads in Overland and St. Charles, Missouri? Put on a pair of Guess eyeglasses from Overland Optical Family Eye Care.

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