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Comprehensive Eye Exams

We Check for Healthy Eyes and Quality Vision, in St. Louis and St Charles

It doesn’t matter if you have no eye complaints and your vision is sharp, you still need regular eye exams! Regardless of age or health condition, everyone should have routine, comprehensive eye examinations performed by a qualified eye doctor. It’s the best way to prevent future vision loss or complications. Our optometrists are highly experienced and proficient at checking eyes, and we invite you to schedule your eye exam today in St. Louis, MO. We’re waiting to take a look!

Just as a physical exam assesses your general health, comprehensive eye exams inspect your whole visual system and are a critical part of preventive health care. With adults, our St. Louis eye exam may uncover the early signs of an eye disease that still has no symptoms. When it comes to kids, pediatric eye exams can detect a vision condition that may interfere with learning. Contact us to reserve your eye exam with one of our friendly and experienced eye doctors!

What happens in a comprehensive eye exam?

woman-getting-eyes-checked-st-louisEvery patient is treated with a personal approach in our Overland and St. Charles clinics. We’ll meet with you and custom-tailor your eye exam to meet your individual vision and eye health requirements. Here is a basic breakdown of what to expect:

Case History: We’ll ask you questions about your general health, as well as any visual symptoms you may be experiencing. Please share info about any medications you are taking and tell us if there is a family history of eye disease.

Preliminary testing: We’ll check the response of your pupils to light, eye muscle mobility, peripheral and color vision. Corneal topography, a painless and quick procedure, may also be done.

Binocularity & Accommodation: Eyes need to team together to see clearly. We will check your eye teaming and focusing skills.

Visual Acuity: Vision quality is first checked by having you read an eye chart at various distances. We’ll determine your refractive error to accurately diagnose your vision prescription. Our eye doctors in St. Charles do this manually, with a phoropter – you’ll need to look through different lenses and give feedback on what appears clearest. We’ll also use automated refraction, and a retinoscope to measure how light focuses in your eyes.

Eye Health: Our eye doctor will take a close look at your retina and the back of your eye, using a high-powered lens. Dilating eye drops will usually be inserted first. This allows us to diagnose or rule out any ocular disease or abnormality. To check for glaucoma, tonometry will measure the fluid pressure of your inner eye.

Following your comprehensive eye exam in St. Charles, we’ll sit together with you and review all the results. If you need vision correction or treatment, we’ll discuss the best solutions for your condition and lifestyle requirements.

When should you schedule a comprehensive eye exam in St Louis?

At Overland Optical, our St. Charles team follows the guidelines set by the American Optometric Association (AOA):

Children: The first eye exam should be done at a half-year old, followed by another at 3 years old, and then again before entering school, around age 5-6.

If your child doesn’t require vision correction and has no other pediatric risk factors, follow-up eye exams should be done yearly. If your kid is diagnosed with a vision condition or has any health risks, eye exams are required more frequently. Consult with your eye doctor for specific, personalized instructions.

Adults: If you require eyeglasses or contact lenses, a yearly eye exam is advised. Otherwise, all adults over age 40 should schedule a routine examination each year. The risk of many ocular diseases, such as glaucoma, macular degeneration and cataracts, rises with age and after age 60, even more frequent exams may be recommended by your eye doctor.

Specific health risk factors, such as high blood pressure, diabetes and other disorders, also point to a need to have eye exams performed more regularly. Consult with your optometrist for guidance.

Is it time for your comprehensive eye exam?
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