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Emergency Eye Care Services in St. Louis and St. Charles

emergency eye care st louis moUrgent Treatment for Eye Infections and Injuries

If you experience eye trauma or injury, or suffer from the symptoms of an eye infection, our optometrist will provide immediate care in our offices. For your convenience, we have two fully equipped offices, in St. Louis and St. Charles, MO. Dr. Sara Schmitz and Dr. Phil Lueckenhoff, our skilled and compassionate eye doctors, are qualified to treat a wide range of eye emergencies.

It’s not always necessary to rush to the emergency room when you suffer an ocular injury – we are here to help!

With cutting-edge optometric equipment, we have everything needed to perform a detailed eye exam. Our eye doctor will inspect the front surfaces of your eye for damage; when necessary, we will also digitally scan the inside of your eye for signs of infection or a problem.

Common Reasons for Immediate Eye Care

The most usual reasons that patients visit us for urgent eye care are: irritation from a foreign substance, infections (such as pink eye), extreme eye allergies, and foreign bodies stuck in the eye. If you experience any of these problems, please contact our optometrists for assistance and the most cost-effective treatment!

If our eye doctor diagnoses allergies, pink eye or another infection, we will prescribe medication to relieve your painful symptoms and resolve the condition. If a chemical or foreign substance made contact with your eyes, we’ll help to restore comfortable vision and prevent possible eye complications. In addition, our eye doctor is trained and experienced at removing foreign objects that may be lodged in your eye.

eye emergencies st louis moSigns that You Need an Emergency Eye Exam

  • Irritated or itchy eyes
  • Red or pink eyes
  • Broken, lost or dislodged contact lenses
  • Foreign materials stuck in your eyes
  • Oozing eyes (possible symptoms of an eye infection or allergies)
  • Pain in one or both eyes
  • A scratch on your eye
  • Sudden loss of vision, either in both eyes or in one eye
  • New “floaters” in your vision
  • Flashes of light
  • Burns

If you suffer from any of the above symptoms, contact us in our St. Louis or St. Charles office. Do not delay! Many types of eye emergencies require immediate medical attention in order to prevent vision loss and ocular complications.

Foreign Object Removal

When something is stuck in your eye, you’ll feel irritation that could be very mild or severe, depending upon what the offensive object is. As you probably know, even a wandering eyelash can be uncomfortable. Your eye will turn pink or red as blood vessels dilate. Most of the time, mild irritations do not require medical intervention and resolve on their own. Yet, if a few hours pass and you still experience pain – contact our eye doctor for professional guidance and eye care!

Your eyes are very delicate and sensitive, and your persistent attempts to remove a stuck object can cause further damage. In our offices in St. Louis and St. Charles, we have specialized equipment to extract foreign bodies gently. If the object is easy to access, a simple eye rinse or damp piece of cotton may be sufficient. If not, then we may use a small metal instrument to lift the object out of your eye. For your comfort, our eye doctor will generally apply anesthetic eye drops before this procedure.

eye emergencies st louis moIf the foreign object pierced the outer layer of your eye, you will require immediate medical treatment in order to prevent future problems, such as loss of vision, damage to your retina, and early cataracts.

No matter what your eye emergency is, we will perform a thorough eye exam to diagnose the precise problem before starting treatment. Turn to us first for kind and expert eye care in St. Louis and St. Charles, MO –  we have served St. Louis County with healthy vision for over 30 years!

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