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Blue Light Protection for Your Eyes

The threat posed to your eyes by blue light is rapidly growing larger as digital technology pervades all parts of our modern lifestyle. Overland Optical Family Eye Care has used advanced technology to provide a real solution.

Hoya offers an array of lens materials, coatings and designs that give comprehensive resolutions to match the visual and lifestyle needs of every individual.

Both types of Hoya lens technologies: BluTech Lenses and Recharge Lenses, provide a potential remedy for patients suffering from the symptoms of Digital Eye Strain and Computer Vision Syndrome.

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With a comprehensive filter built into the lens composition, BluTech Lenses block an incredible 70% of blue light from reaching your eyes. BluTech Lenses work via customized pigment that’s infused into the optical lenses.

The ocular lens pigment is combined with melanin before addition into the lenses. As a result – the same level of visual contrast, color perception and protection is provided for your eyes as the genuine coloration of your natural crystalline lens.

BluTech Lenses are impact-resistant, proven safe for eyes and necessary for preserving healthy vision. Ideal for all environments, indoor and outdoor, these protective lenses are available in prescription and nonprescription versions.

Outdoor lenses block potentially dangerous sun rays, and indoor lenses guard your eyes from artificial sources of blue light, such as fluorescent lights, digital screens and LED lighting. In addition to filtering out the damaging blue light, BluTech Lenses can improve night vision and visual acuity, as they reduce glare and upgrade visual contrast. They will ease the strain on your eyes and soothe your eyesight.

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Recharge is an anti-reflective, scratch-resistant lens treatment that only allows entry of the portion of blue light needed to optimize visual contrast and give other health benefits. As this exterior treatment reflects 30% of harmful blue light away from your eyes, the eye fatigue, blurry vision, and headaches associated with Computer Vision and Digital Eyestrain have similarly reflected away.

Recharge also improves your vision at night by reducing glare. Available as a lens coating on all optical lenses, including single-vision and progressive eyeglasses, lenses with Recharge are suitable for most individuals. Kids and adults can comfortably (and affordably) experience the exceptional benefits of Recharge.

At Overland Optical Family Eyecare, BluTech Lenses and Recharge Lens Treatments are available for our wide range of stylish, designer frames. There’s no need to compromise on style or the health of your eyes!

Come into our Overland office, reached easily accessible from the St Louis area or to our office in St Charles, MO and inquire about eyewear with protection against blue light.

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