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Disposable Contacts


Visit Our St. Louis Store for a Full Selection of Disposable Contact Lenses!

Disposable contact lenses have never been more popular! Many of our St. Louis patients claim that these lenses offer the ultimate in comfort and convenience. However, before you insert a pair into your eyes, it’s important to make sure that you’re wearing the most suitable lenses for your vision condition and eye health. A range of types are available, and our St. Louis eye doctors will examine your eyes to determine the ideal pair. To get started, here’s a basic rundown of the different kinds of disposable contact lenses:

Monthly and Bi-Weekly Contacts

These disposables require more maintenance and care than dailies. You’ll need to disinfect and store them regularly in the appropriate contact lens solutions. Overall, they are often the most economical option, for two basic reasons:  1) less material is needed to manufacture these disposables, and 2) you don’t need to replenish your supply of lenses as frequently.

Bi-Weekly and monthly lenses also offer you the possibility of extended wear for up to 30 days of continuous contact lens wearing. With this method, you can keep your lenses in night and day, without removing or cleaning them.

Daily Disposables

Dailies are rapidly gaining fame as people’s favorite type of contact lenses. There’s almost no adaptation period with these lenses, and they typically feel great and provide sharp eyesight when inserted for the first time. Although they may be more costly than monthly and bi-weekly versions, they grant crisp vision without the bother of regular cleaning and storage. At the end of each day, you can simply remove and discard your lenses before going to sleep. The next morning, you’ll insert a fresh pair. All of the benefits of clear and clean contact lenses can thereby be enjoyed. Active individuals who are always on-the-go will love the convenience of these lenses.

With daily disposables, there’s never any build-up of protein deposits or residue from substances such as hairspray and cosmetics. Your risk of eye infections from wearing contact lenses is almost eliminated. In addition, irritants such as pollen and dust won’t have time to collect on your lenses. This offers a distinct benefit for our St. Louis patients who suffer from allergies, either seasonal or

Specialty Types of Disposable Contacts

Tints and colors to enhance or change your natural eye color are also available as disposable lenses. Until recently, contacts for presbyopia were only possible in bi-weekly or monthly versions, yet now daily disposables are being released by premium manufacturers.

If you’re interested in more info about all the types of disposable contact lenses on the market, please consult with our St. Louis optometrists. We carry a wide selection of high-quality contacts, and we feature all the top brands in our store. Come in anytime with your current prescription to purchase disposable contact lenses. If you require a contact lens eye exam and fitting, please call to book an appointment in our leading St. Louis optometry practices!

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