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Sports Eyewear for Kids & Eye Protection for Summer Sports

Children swimming, wearing sunglasses in St. Louis & St. Charles, MO

Did you know that over 50% of eye injuries that occur each year happen to people under age 25? In addition, the most common reason children are admitted to the hospital for serious eye injury is sports. With no further explanation needed, that is why kids sport glasses are critical for children and the safety of their vision. Why wait for an eye injury when you can prevent it with protective sports eyewear?

We know that many kids complain about putting on sports goggles because they don’t like the way they look. In response, we offer a fantastic, trendy selection of sports eyewear in our St. Louis and St. Charles optical stores. Located conveniently near Bridgeton and St. Peters too, we satisfy the vision and eye care needs of families from all surrounding neighborhoods. Stop by anytime – with your children! – to see our display of kids sport glasses.

Common Eye Injuries from Sports

There are four primary types of eye injuries that can be caused by sports:

  1. Blunt Trauma:  occurs from sudden impact to the eye area, such as from a ball or elbow. A mild injury may lead to eyelid inflammation and a black eye, or to bleeding behind the conjunctiva (sub-conjuctival hemorrhage). Sometimes, a black eye can hide a more serious eye injury.
  2. Corneal Abrasion: anything that makes contact with the front surface of the eye, such as a fingernail, can cause a painful corneal scratch.
  3. UV Radiation Damage:  summer sports involve a great deal of outdoor play, which often leads to overexposure to dangerous ultraviolet sunrays. Kids’ eyes are very sensitive, with less pigment in their eye tissues and wider pupils. Cumulative absorption of UV rays can lead to sunburn of the retina (photo keratitis), as well as many future problems, such as macular degeneration, cataracts, or ocular cancer.
  4. Penetrating Injury: when a foreign item, such as broken eyeglasses or a contact lens, is forced into the eye it can cause a rupture. This type of eye injury is severe, resulting in bleeding, swelling, and possibly long-term damage to vision.

Essential Features of Kids Sport Glasses

When choosing the best protective sports goggles or glasses for your child, you need to match it to the specific sport. Nowadays, there is a high-tech array of sports eyewear – all of which is durable, lightweight, and safe. For contact sports, our St. Louis and St. Charles opticians recommend paying attention to the following features:

  • Frame: the ideal materials are shatterproof polycarbonate or highly impact resistant plastic, which are lightweight and comfortable. Wraparound styles are best, because they give wider peripheral vision and all-around protection for the entire eye area. This keeps kids’ eyes safe from wind, flying debris, impact, and UV rays.
  • Cushioning: kids sport glasses should have padding at the bridge and temple points to absorb impact. Padding can prevent the shock of impact from damaging your child’s face.
  • Secure Band: temples are not sufficient for securing frames from falling off during sports. An elasticized band will do the job well.
  • Non-slip: the addition of non-slip rubber nose grips and temples will help to keep protective eyewear comfortably snug on the face.
  • Frame Venting: vents that allow air to blow through the frame will help prevent condensation and lens fogging during extreme physical activity, especially when playing hot summer sports.
  • Lenses: the best lenses are shatterproof, thin, and lightweight. Polycarbonate is a preferred material because it does not shatter on impact. Lenses in sports eyewear should also offer 100% UV protection. If your child is playing outdoors, tinted lenses can upgrade protection and performance. For example, brown lenses can highlight the shape of a ball against the blue sky or green grass. Tell us what game your child plays, and our St. Louis and St. Charles optometrists will recommend the right tint to enhance visual acuity.

Prescription Sport Glasses

If your child needs prescription lenses, one inexpensive option is to add clip-in prescription lenses. With this set-up, the outer section of the sport frames will be constructed from polycarbonate, making the glasses impact-resistant. However, a clip-in insert can also restrict peripheral vision and lead to fogging. Although it is more costly, prescription lenses that fit directly into the glasses frames are ideal.

Along with providing a full range of protective sports eyewear for land activities, we also feature prescription goggles for swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving. Due to our vast collection of specialty glasses for every need – it’s worthwhile to make the short drive from nearby Bridgeton and St. Peters too!

We Fit Kids Sport Glasses Precisely in St. Louis & St. Charles

No matter what frame style or material you choose for your child’s safety eyewear, a precise fit is essential! Sometimes parents are tempted to buy sports goggles that are slightly large in order to extend the wearing span by giving kids time to grow into their glasses. Although a small bit of growing room can be fine, an extra-large frame can be dangerous to your child’s face.

When the sports glasses are excessively big, the sides can press too hard against the face, which can lead to more severe injury under impact. On the flipside, wearing glasses that are too small can also lead to pain and injury, as well as get in the way of full peripheral vision. a

At Overland Optical, our St. Louis and St. Charles optical team will make sure that your child goes home with a pair of quality safety glasses or goggles that is a perfect fit for their face and sport of choice!

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