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Protective Glasses in St. Louis

protective glasses in st. louis moLook After Your Eyes with Safety Eyewear

If you work with power tools or in a profession that puts your eyes in harm’s way, you need to take precautions to keep your vision safe. While standard eyeglasses may work fine for tasks such as reading and watching TV, they are not suited for all-purpose wear. For construction, yard work, and any jobs that deal with hazardous chemicals, sparks, or flying debris, you need specialized occupation safety eyewear. We stock a diverse range of protective glasses in St. Louis. Book an appointment for an eye exam, or stop by anytime to discuss your specialty eyewear needs.

Features of Safety Glasses

  • Impact Rating: Materials that fly towards your face at high velocity, including wood chips and metal shavings, can cause permanent damage to your vision. All protective glasses are tested for performance under impact. If flying particles are a typical occurrence in your occupation, choose safety glasses with an appropriate rating.
  • Filters: Filters will protect you from radiation or heat. This is significant for welding jobs, or occupations that involve using lasers. A wide range of filters is available, ask our St. Louis optical staff for assistance in choosing the most suitable filter.
  • Comfortable, Snug Fit: Your safety glasses must fit comfortably or you won’t wear them. Also, a loose fit will not block your eyes sufficiently from danger. Features to improve comfort include padded or gel nosepieces, cushioned browline, vented frames, flexible temples, and adjustable angled lenses.
  • Style: Yes, style is an important criterion to consider when choosing safety eyewear. When dealing with coworkers or clients, your image can matter. To help you create the image you want, we offer a diverse selection of protective glasses in St. Louis, including wraparound designs and mirrored lenses, and we encourage our patients to pick a fashion that looks flattering so you’ll be pleased with your appearance.
  • Strength & Durability: The strength of your protective glasses is a critical function. You want them to withstand tough use and abuse for as long as possible.
  • Sharp Vision: Crisp vision may be last on this list of features, but it is certainly not least in importance. The majority of people in America wear some type of vision correction, either eyeglasses or contact lenses. And most people need to wear this eyewear in order to see clearly. Some types of safety glasses fit over your prescription eyewear, while other types can be crafted with prescription lenses.

Our Lenses Laboratory

At Overland Optical, we have an advanced laboratory to make prescription lenses for your protective glasses in St. Louis. We feature modern technology and materials, which makes us a leader in constructing durable, protective lenses for safety glasses in your vision prescription.

We can supply you with high-quality prescription lenses that are distortion-free, impact-resistant, scratch-resistant, and offer protection against UV rays. Note that hard-coated polycarbonate lenses are the most popular choice for safety glasses.

Clear sight and safe eyes are vital for your occupation, and we’ll ensure that your protective glasses in St. Louis satisfy these conditions perfectly!

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