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Summer Sunglasses Review

female in pool with designer sunglasses st louis and st charles moDesigner Eyeglasses in St. Charles & St. Louis

The weather is heating up. As you switch over to your summer wardrobe, remember that your eyes deserve stylish sunwear too! Check out our optical collection of trending sunglasses and designer eyeglasses in St. Louis and St. Charles. Our eye care center is located conveniently to serve Overland, Maryland Heights, Bridgeton, St. Peters, and all surrounding neighborhoods. Pop in anytime to pick up your new sensational look for summer!

Sunglasses are the Best Summer Accessory

Walk through any mall and you’ll find accessories store galore. The variety ranges from ways to embellish your high-tech gadgets to glitzy jewelry to upgrade your outfit. So what makes designer sunglasses and eyeglasses the best of the bunch? Simple – they are much more than a fashion statement; they also keep your vision safe.

The most dependable way to protect your eyes from dangerous UV rays is with a high-quality pair of sunglasses. That’s why we only stock our St.Louis and St. Charles optical stores with sunglasses that have high-caliber lenses to block 100% of UVA and UVB rays. This level of protection will protect your eyes from many health problems in the future, such as corneal burns, cataracts, eye and eyelid cancer, and other age-associated eye problems.

Enhance Your Vision

Along with safeguarding your sight, sunglasses also reduce the quantity of bright light that shines into your eyes. So no matter how strong the Missouri rays get, your designer sunglasses from Overland Optical will keep you seeing clearly and comfortably under all outdoor conditions.

Sunglasses Designs for Every Look

Your daily activities, appearance – skin tone, hair color, eye color, face shape…, vision prescription and unique attitude all go into selecting the perfect designer sunglasses for you. Our optical staff will take all of this into consideration when helping you choose shades from our St. Louis and St. Charles optical collection. We’ll also ensure that your sunglasses sit properly on your face for a snug and easy fit.

We keep up with what’s trending and stock a full inventory of the latest designer eyeglasses and sunglasses for every budget. Also, we are constantly expanding our collection. New styles include sunglasses from these popular designers and more:


Since 1975, Oakley has been equated with top-tier sports performance. World-class athletes depend upon Oakley to keep their vision crisp and clear throughout the fiercest competitions. For example, at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, a whopping 88 medals were awarded to athletes who wore Oakleys! These sunglasses are famed for always being at the forefront of lens technologies, with High Definition Optics. Along with cutting-edge function, Oakley sunglasses also sport fantastic, contemporary style.

Oakleys began in the garage lab of Jim Jannard, scientist and inventor. His first eyewear product was the O-Frame goggle, used in MX racing and skiing for close to two decades. But it wasn’t until 1986, when cyclist Greg Lemond won the Tour de France with a pair of Oakleys on his face that these sunglasses become an icon. Nowadays, they offer an endless range of innovative designs and high-performance lenses for the most active lifestyles in the world.

Ray Ban

Ray Ban was developed in 1937, in response to the request of United States Army aviators. These pilots were blinded by the sun and needed a solution that wouldn’t compromise their flight performance. The iconic Ray Ban Aviator model was the answer back then, and still a popular eyewear solution nowadays. At the forefront of cultural change, Ray Ban is now a timeless emblem of style – still crafted with state-of-the-art engineering and durable construction.

Did you know that the first person to introduce the Aviator to the public was not a film celebrity? It was General Douglas MacArthur, who sported these designer sunglasses when he landed on a Philippines beach during WWII. However, since then honored stars such as James Dean, Audrey Hepburn and Tom Cruise gave fashion validation to the coveted image of Ray Bans.

Nike Eyewear

Nike is known as an innovator – across the board. And their motto is to always think of the athlete first. With their eyewear line, they implemented every component necessary for gold-medal performance:  ultra-precise optics, advanced materials, detailed engineering, durable construction, and smooth wearing comfort. All of these features are put into every Nike Eyewear design, and then it’s wrapped in absolute style. All Nike sunglasses and eyeglasses are dedicated to giving multi-sport athletes dynamic eyewear to push themselves to the top.

New Nike Eyewear styles were developed with insights from trainers and athletes. Their sunglasses are lightweight and provide maximum coverage with unwavering stability during high action. Of course, these designer glasses also ensure sharp visual clarity from all angles, and many styles include features such as anti-fog ventilation holes in the frame, ventilated rubber nose bridges, interchangeable lenses, and high tension hinges.

Overland Optical is committed to bringing you the best eyeglasses and sunglasses available. Customers from St. Louis, St. Charles, Maryland Heights, Bridgeton, St. Peters, and Overland, MO, are warmly welcomed to see how our summer optical collection can boost your game and your life.

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