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Glasses Repairs in St Louis & St Charles


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You wear them every day but might forget that eyeglasses are rather delicate. They can easily snap, break, suffer injuries (like getting squished at the bottom of a purse), lose a screw, or even a lens. Super glue, tape, and string are temporary (and less than optimal) fixes for eyeglass damages. You made a rather sizable investment in your eyeglasses, and probably don’t want your spectacles to become a spectacle being held together by packaging tape and a glob of glue.

Time Is Of The Essence, But So Is Quality

Time may be of the essence, but so is quality. Make it essential to find a repair shop that understands BOTH of these priorities. Overland Optical Family Eye Care has specialized in optical care for more than 30 years, ensuring a responsive, prompt visit.

Onsite Repair

Onsite repair is a rare find. At Overland Optical Family Eye Care, an optical lab located on-site can ensure a timely turn around for your eyeglass repair. It also means less room for error since your glasses don’t have to be shipped to an off-site location for fixing. At Overland Optical Family Eye Care we take pride in our state-of-the-art, on-site optical lab to handle everything from quick repairs to customized glasses.

Repair Experts

Be sure they specialize in eyeglass repair of your specific type of glasses. With the various brands and types of glasses, be sure yours are in good, capable hands. You can trust the professionals at Overland Optical Family Eye Care. We are a leading medical eye care provider, offering a high level of experience and expertise to families in the St. Louis area. Regardless of the size or type of repair, be sure to leave it to the experts at Overland Optical Family Eye Care.

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