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Looking into Progressive Lenses for Your Next Pair of Eyeglasses?

Here’s a few things you should know when considering progressive eyeglass lenses

Let’s start with the basics. Progressive eyeglass lenses are a type of prescription eyewear that corrects vision across a range of distances. Each lens features the seamless integration of multiple prescriptions. One area helps you to see close-up, another area targets intermediate distances, and a third area helps you to focus on objects in the distance.

If you’re considering progressive eyeglasses, most likely you are over 40 and have presbyopia (“age-related farsightedness”). In days of old, bifocals would have been your only option for Rx eyewear. Many people shunned this option because of the unattractive and distracting line that runs through the middle of the lenses of bifocals, separating the prescription powers. Instead, many people chose to carry an additional pair of glasses at all times – reading glasses or readers.

Nowadays, progressive lenses offer an aesthetic, effective and convenient solution that eliminates the need for multiple pairs of glasses. To try this advanced eyewear option, consult with our optometrists in Overland and St. Charles, Missouri. We’ll check your vision, issue a precise prescription, and help you choose the perfect frames from our optical collection to fit your visual needs.

Progressives are custom-made to match your prescription

These lenses are ground in such a way as to accommodate prescriptions for near, medium, and distance vision.

As opposed to traditional Rx lenses, which bend light to a unified focal point so it falls precisely on the retina, progressives bend light to several focal points, depending on where the light enters the lens. Many people find the vision experience of progressives to be more natural.

Progressive eyeglass lenses are crafted according to your exact prescription and visual requirements. So if you spend a lot of time looking at things up-close, a wider view for that Rx power may be best. Or if you work outdoors, you may prefer a larger area of the lens made to provide clear distance vision.

Advantages & disadvantages of progressive eyeglasses

As with everything, there are pros and cons to be aware of. Our eye doctor in Overland and St. Charles, Missouri, has outlined the following:


One pair of eyeglasses can give you sharp sight across a wide range of distances

Progressive eyeglass lenses provide a seamless, comfortable transition from one Rx power to the next, with no ugly lines


Progressives can be costlier than bifocals, because the lens technology is more complex

There is usually a transition period necessary for getting used to wearing progressive lenses for the first time. Your view may be distorted initially; this can last hours or days, depending on the person.

We offer only top quality progressive eyeglasses in Overland and St. Charles, Missouri

The eyewear market is saturated with options for progressive eyeglass lenses. Fortunately, there’s no reason for you to wade through all the products, because our eye care team has already navigated for you!

We will perform an eye exam to determine your up-to-date prescription and discuss your lifestyle needs and preferences in order to recommend the most suitable, quality progressives. Book a consultation in our optical stores in Overland and St. Charles to get started.

At Overland Optical Family Eye Care, we put your family’s needs first. Talk to us about how we can help you maintain healthy vision. Call us today: 314-423-3874 or book an appointment online to see one of our Overland eye doctors.

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How can we get you your eyeglasses on the same day?

For most people who need eyeglasses to see, going a day or even a few hours without glasses is not an option. Clear vision is necessary for almost everything you do, including work, play, and driving safely. What happens when you have an accident that breaks your glasses, and you need an emergency pair? No worries, our eye care team understands. That’s why we offer same day service for eyeglasses made on site in our optical stores in Overland and St. Charles, Missouri.

How do we make eyeglasses on the same day?

Simple; we equip our offices with a high-precision edger, so we can make your eyeglasses on site and on time for your busy lifestyle!

When the frames or lenses of your glasses break, it can be an emergency that requires an immediate solution. You don’t have time to place an order for new eyeglasses, and then wait for a few days (with blurry vision) as the optical store sends the frames out to a lab to get the lenses crafted in your prescription. At Overland Optical Family Eye Care, we won’t make you wait. You’ll be on your way in no time, with crisp and clear vision.

Same day service – with no compromises

It doesn’t matter which designer frames you choose; we can shape any lens to fit smoothly into any size frames. Our Lab Team shares decades of experience in the optical field, and our opticians are ABO-certified. We offer fast service, with no compromises on quality.

Thanks to our advanced edger technology and exceptional optical staff, we can complete most emergency repairs and craft new lenses for most prescriptions, including progressives, Transitions, and no-glare lenses, on the same day.

Vision is valuable, and so is your time

Make the most of your eyesight and your time with a visit to our optical stores in Overland and St. Charles, Missouri. With our same day service, we’ll make your high quality lenses in our on-site eyeglasses workshop, so you can enjoy sharp vision as soon as possible.

At Overland Optical Family Eye Care, we put your family’s needs first. Talk to us about how we can help you maintain healthy vision. Call us today: 314-423-3874 or book an appointment online to see one of our Overland eye doctors.

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Old Frames with New Lenses, or New Designer Frames? What to Buy?

See the pros and cons of both optical options

When your vision prescription changes, you’ll need new eyeglasses lenses. Most patients are excited to choose a new pair of designer frames from our trending optical collections in Overland and St. Charles, Missouri. However, some customers question whether they can just fit new lenses into their old frames. What’s the bottom line?

In general, it’s best to buy new frames, because using old frames can lead to a range of problems. Here’s a rundown of the reasons we don’t usually recommend fitting new lenses into old frames:

Pros of buying new designer frames

  • Old frames must be heated to take out the old lenses, and then they are reheated to insert the new lenses. This process ages the frames and increases their risk of cracking, splitting, or breaking.
  • You won’t ever be without a pair of glasses while you send your old frames for refitting
  • Most optical stores offer a deal when you buy a new frame at the same time as your new lenses
  • You can leave your old frames as a spare pair
  • Buying new designer frames reduces the chances of frame breakage after a few months
  • It’s much easier to adjust new frames when they bend out of shape or feel uncomfortable on your face
  • If any eyeglass parts break, it’s much easier to find replacement parts for new designer frames
  • You get to update your style

Cons of buying new frames

  • It can be more costly
  • If you’re attached to the look of your old frames, you’ll need to adjust to your new appearance

Still not sure what to do? Let us look at your old frames!

If you feel very strongly about using your old frames and reglazing them with a new pair of lenses, please let us look at them to help you make the final decision. Our optical staff will assess the old frames for any corrosion, dry or brittle parts, or loose hinges or screws. We’ll also check to see if your old frames are still in production, so we can order replacement parts if something breaks while putting in the new lenses. Bring your old frames to our optical stores in Overland and St. Charles, Missouri, and we’ll be happy to take a look, as well as show you new options from our high quality selection of designer frames!

At Overland Optical Family Eye Care, we put your family’s needs first. Talk to us about how we can help you maintain healthy vision. Call us today: 314-423-3874 or book an appointment online to see one of our Overland eye doctors.

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